Series ii:

Sunday, November 27th, 2016; 6pm.
Introduction/overview of the general mechanics of creating free/structured improvisation; incorporating individual ideas effectively within a large group; creating expressive gestural cuing/improvisational conduction for use with large ensemble. "Each person according to their own ability, or inability."

Guest instructor: Tim Albro [guitar, electronics] & Alec Livaditis [cello]
Guest performance, 7pm. [$5, non-students]


Sunday, December 11th, 2016; 6pm.
Explanation of graphic notation techniques, abstract/construct analysis, and the importance of selective arrangements; developing roles, assigning dynamics intentionally, and compositional foresight. "Every moment has a specific purpose; even if that purpose serves no purpose."

Guest instructor: Jay Peele [electro/acoustics]; Majid Araim [mandolin, violin]
Guest performance, 7pm. [$5, non-students]


Wednesday, January 4th, 2017; 6pm.
Defining the general/specific importance and usage of constrast, color, and silence; "stopping on a dime" and "don't be afraid to make them laugh"; cliches, samples, and foley. Sabotage as a tool.

Guest instructor: Dan Kozak [woodwinds]; Aaron Abrams [modular synth]
Guest performance, 7pm. [$5, non-students]


Wednesday, January 25nd, 2017; 6pm
The "I hear you, you hear me; no, I hear ME" rotation, "Forget Me Not's" <don't repeat>, "when in doubt, shout it out", The Unrelenting Importance of Seriousness and Focused Concentration, sections/division emphasis and refinements; editing, revision, making mistakes, and the art of faking it. "Squeaky wheel gets the grease; sometimes it's elbow grease, sometimes it's lard."

Guest instructor: Thomas Milovac [double bass]; Jamison Williams [soprano saxophone]
Guest performance, 7pm. [$5, non-students]


Sunday, January 29th, 2017; 6pm.
"I am very aware this is not going as planned"; the uncomfortable pause; Chaplin, Disney, and Black Flag; rehearsing for perfection to a room full of family members; smile, relax, and breathe; organizing descriptive methodology, incorporating roles for group, and gestural cuing and awareness."

Guest instructor: Alex Ravitz [bass clarinet]; AG Davis [Automatic Gestural Notation]
Guest performance, 7pm. [$5, non-students]

  Wednesday, February 8th, 2017; 8pm.
[neu]Sonics Music Initiative student/teacher recital: Presenting a full night of structured improvisational, soundpainted pieces, as performed by the students of the [neu]Sonics Music Initiative, and the current teaching faculty, guaranteeing a full ensemble blowout by many of Florida's finest improvising music experimentalists.
Guests include: Jamison Williams [soprano saxophone], Dan Kozak [woodwinds], Tim Albro [guitar, electronics], Jay Peele [electro/acoustics], Thomas Milovac [double bass], Aaron Abrams [modular synth], Jesse Cartwright [piano, percussion], AG Davis [Automatic Gestural Notation]